Tuesday, May 29, 2012


We are back and we had a blast! Now, please oblige me for a moment to share my first entry from our 10 day excursion of Europe. This has got to be hands down my most quirky entry to date, but the facts were so overwhelming that I had to come back and write about it. Why? Well for so many reasons. After all, I am an ethnic woman of color who has grown to embrace her feminine curves. Also, as I stated before, I was a little overwhelmed by what I saw and I really just thought it would be downright funny.

So in case you are completely confused and have absolutely no idea what I am driving at…allow me to explain.

Spanish women are beautiful! They come in so many beautiful shapes and sizes. They are olive or dark, fair coifed or brunette, but many, many have one hard to miss asset in common…hips. Curvaceous, soft, womanly hips. AND they don’t mind showing them off. To my surprise, early in the morning, as we walked the streets of Barcelona (in somewhat brisk weather), there were woman wearing short shorts, hot pants, stretch pants, leggings, skinny jeans and any other garment that hugged and showed off that derriere, the backside, aka the booty. Thick girls had curves. Skinny girls had curves. I began to think there must be something in the water.

But with each bootylicious bum that passed, I became full of a strange joy. It seemed as if these women, at least the women on the street of Las Ramblas in Barcelona had long since come to the realization that we in America are just not starting to embrace thanks to the likes of Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce Knowles. What realization is that you might ask? The answer: Real women have curves. AND curves are beautiful.

Of course I make this declaration because I have no shortage of curves on my own very femininely shaped body. As a matter of fact, I fit right in, in Barcelona and it felt good. It felt nice to embrace rather than attempt to hide or detract from for once.

So although this post has absolutely no educational value at all, I just had to share. I now feel somehow purged and more free. I hope you do to.

Up next, more on our amazing journey of Europe, through the Western Mediterranean, Spain, the French Riviera and Italy. I can assure you there will be no more talk about female body parts. But, on a different note, Tom Cruise and Angelina Jolie may show up. We just happened to be in Cannes, France during the world famous Cannes Film Festival. Stay tuned.