Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Emerald Oasis of Arabia: Dubai


Our spring destination has changed…we were originally going to take our next adventure in South America and gaze upon The Christ, but now we have decided upon a slightly more luxurious vacation to Dubai and Abu Dhabi. This mystical metropolis is an emerald in the Middle East where there is decadent shopping, exquisite pampering, the world’s tallest building and a Formula 1 race track (where my favorite of all time, Janet Jackson, posed for Bazaar). The infamous Kim Kardashian even has a milk shake shop there.

Yes, we still long to see The Christ, but the Brilliance and Majesty of the towering statue has lasted this long…hopefully, it will remain until our travels take us there.

Stay tuned…countdown to Dubai…Spring 2013!
Look below to see Janet Jackson's Harper's Bazaar photo shoot in Abu Dhabi
Yas Marina (Formula 1 Race Track) 

Where in the world will our travels take us next?