Thursday, June 26, 2014

10 years & counting...

I am so happy to announce that our Shabby Vintage anniversary ceremony and photo shoot went off with out a hitch. Our memories are beautiful due in large part to our photographer and the scenes created by the picturesque vista, that we have the privilege of calling home.

Now, I must say, that being in photography my self and having spent the last 4 years making memories for others, I was quite picky, not to mention anxious about what I wanted to convey and present for such an important event.

We had to do the shoot a little ahead of our actual anniversary due to other obligations and events so the date to get it done was super important. Then there was all the planning that went into creating just the right atmosphere and mood that would capture the fantasy of a ten year anniversary. All year long I gathered and planned...accumulating all the components for our ten year ceremony. The theme was a Shabby Chic, Fantasy with a little bit of Nashville country. The result was sheer perfection.

I organized, then set up for the event. I put everything in just its proper place and I finished decorating, paying attention to every detail. I was praying too. AND I was fretting all the while as ominous clouds threatened to tear it all asunder. We even moved the shoot up 4 hours in hopes of beating the rain. Amidst the threat of rain and my anxiety, with cool and calm our photographer arrived EARLY ready to make it happen.

As the "groom"  and I added our finishing touches, she utilized empty time by snapping candids of the "flower girls" and when we were finally ready, she hit the ground running...

Though I had a very specific vision in mind, I am grateful she was able to climb right into my brain, be my hands and execute her craft just the way I would have if I had been photographing my own self. At the end of the ceremony and shoot, I sat back satisfied and plump with fulfillment and contentment that this day was indelibly captured on film and in our hearts and minds...

Below is just a peek at our 10 year anniversary shoot (in random order). There were over 600 pictures...but I'm sure you get the point...

Thanks to Tabitha Thorman for her patience, skill and expertise (as well as her pleasant spirit) in creating a precious anniversary shoot we will not soon forget :). 

Looking at the past and the present...

The flower girls

In Nashville, brides wear cowboy boots

"Why you tryin' to take my knife, man? This cake is good!"

Watch that hand...the children are watching :)

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